Story Behind “Howl”

I didn’t think the world would be the way it is now when I planned this release date for my first single “Howl”. However, I think collectively we need music now more than ever. I believe this song may actually improve the spirit of many, or so I hope. 

Whether you are grieving a lost one, out of a job, battling mental health demons or just looking for something to pass the time, I believe that music is a healing force. 

Several years ago in college, I wrote this song mostly about a friend who was battling with bipolar depression. She was hesitant to tell anyone about it even those that were closest to her. I encouraged her to talk about her feelings in hopes that she would be able to heal. I was afraid that if she didn’t reach out soon her life would be in jeopardy. 

I had accepted that as a musician there wasn’t much I could do to save the world. In a sense this is true, but I believe that music is a strong healing force. I feel it’s my responsibility to be of service in whichever way, even if it’s just providing comfort or elevating someone’s mood and emotional well- being. Releasing this song is something I know I can do to help. 

Through this release, I am not trying to reach a goal of success as much as I am trying to reach an intention of elevating the world around me. Since we can’t do it in person, through this song I’m offering a reminder and a chance to release, to let it out. To let out your anger, to share your joy, to get things off your chest. To acknowledge and accept our situations wherever we may be. Do as the wolves do and HOWL!