One Year Anniversary

One year ago on March 28th 2019, marks the anniversary of my apartment fire in LA. I can’t believe how much has changed since then.

I was living in an older building that had water damage in the walls. One day the fuse blew out of nowhere and I lost internet and electricity, so I went to go stay with a friend for a few days while I waited for my maintenance request to go through and have someone come by and fix it. A few days later I woke up and my phone was blowing up from the building manager and others saying that the fire department was there and I needed to get there right away.

It was an electrical fire. Everything was ruined. The walls had turned from white to black. All my things were burned or damaged with soot. My favorite place I had lived. The first place I lived on my own and was truly happy. I did a lot of healing there, cleansing from my toxic past, I learned how to love myself full-time, I did a lot of work to become the optimistic person I am today.

Though I was devastated that I lost my favorite little place and a lot of material things, if it weren’t for this fire, I wouldn’t be where I am right now with you guys and this community, my new amazing team, and all this music I am so proud to share. I was sad, but I also felt freed. I felt lighter, like I was free to adventure out into the world with firey positive passion. That apartment was my cocoon and now I was ready to break out and fly up high without the pain I used to have. And without worrying about material possessions anymore. It’s less about actually burning something down, and more about moving on with empowerment.

I was sad that I had lost the place I thought resembled my chance in life and at music. I lived on my own in that place in unit #1, which I thought was symbolic. It was the first time I was living on my own and the happiest I had ever been. Though everything happens for a reason, I think the fire was a very clear sign that I was ready to move on and lead me to all of you! It lead me to reach out to my new team, create my new branding and business and complete more music than I ever have in my whole life. I feel lighter and more free than ever before.

I want to thank @simon_chapters @Luke_chapters @jedmrkts @stan_jeong for working on my catalog with me, all the hard work that they do, and bringing my dreams and purpose to life. There is always a silver lining, and this fire was pushing me to take my life on an adventure out into the world, and bring my healing and positivity to everyone who’s listening.